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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Oh Oh...Looks Like I will be buying Shop Bought Christmas Cards...lol...

Well my mum has just popped in 2 tell me she a proposition for me...(hmmm sounds ominous)...lol... Her bowling club are having a open evening and they have asked her if they could sell my cards on my behalf.....well I have no problem with this whatsoever...(I have said that I would donate £1 for every card sold...but they said no...its an open evening not a fundraiser)...who am I 2 argue...lol....but they want a lot of Christmas cards....I have made about 60 Christmas cards so far (supposed 2 be 4 me...lol)....so it looks like I will be buying shop bought...hehehe....and they have asked if it would be ok for them to also take orders for special cards....OOhhhh magic......I have told my mum that they will probably have 2 cap it at 30 Christmas Card orders....as I wouldn't be able 2 make much more...as the open evening isn't until 15th November...and I would't want to let anyone down...do u think I have done the right thing????.....oohhh ur opinions matter....what would u do????luv n hugs Lesley xxxx


Tara said...

Gosh Lesley,
Don't put yourself under too much pressure, will you! It's lovely to be asked to do something like this but you don't want to get bogged down!! Rather you than me I think. Good luck with it anyway and you'd better get making!! xxx

Lynsey said...

Hi Lesley
You will be busy! Nice to know your cards are so popular.
Hugs Lynsey :)

joey said...

Congrats Lesley, thats fantastic news for you!!!, do what you can and dont put yourself under too much pressure, if you start with a basic amount of orders and work through them and know you dont have the time to do any others then dont accept any more. OOOOOOH the countdown to christmas has really started now! let us know how the evening goes.xxx