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Sunday, 26 October 2008

My Weekend

Well I have had a fab weekend.....On sat I had a fantastic crafting day...well whilst the kids are away...i shall play...hehehe....and then on Sat night i went to a fancy dress party with my bestest friend Kaz...lol...I went as Cruella DeVil and she went as a nun (and believe me she is no nun!!!)...hehehe...It was a fab night and i won 3rd prize...(woo hoo) a halloween goody bag...lol...Then 2day we went to the SECC and as u can tell from the photos I am a little spent out...oh well what can I say...I needed a Sugar fix.....and no not a bar of chocolate (although that would have been a lot cheaper)...hehehe...it was a sugar nellie fix....and boy did i get one...we had 2 journeys back 2 the car...2 drop off our goodies....and when i went back for another sugar fix later....i had totally 4got what stamps i had bought earlier...(well my mind was buzzing with all the goodies that surrounded me)...lol....and i ended up doubling on one of the stamps that i had already bought....(much 2 Kaz's delight cause she didnt have the one that i had doubled on....see i am a good friend...hehehe...oh well i hope that u have all had a fab weekend...I have mounted all my stamps onto eazimount and am just about to have a little play....so thanx 4 looking...luv n hugs Lesley xxxxx


Rica said...

Oooh - lucky you - I'm jealous.
Every time there is a craft show or exhibition around here - I'm away!!! I think my bank manager arranges it that way. Looking forward to seeing your creations with you new 'toys'.
hugs Heather xx


Wow Lesley, what lovely goodies you brought I am so jealous. I need to get to one of this shows in the new year. I too need a sugar fix. Nothing more rewarding than a good craft shopping spree. Hope you have fun playing with it all. Hugs Linda x

Cass said...

Looks like you had a fabby time at the SECC.I bought a load of the Sugar Nellie stamps too.

Cass xxx

gina g said...

you lucky thing your going to have great fun with that lot.lol. gina xx

Michelle Weerts said...

he he, you seem to have went as mad as i did!! i bought over 20 sugar nellies and 4 new tildas! phew!!


glad u had a good day

Debbie said...

Wow lucky you, your new goodies look fabulous can't wait to see what you crete with it. Debbie x

kaza_horrocks said...

Boo Hiss!!! You're stash looks much more impressive than mine when I layed them out.