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Thursday, 18 December 2008

A Fab Award

I received this lovely award from my blogging friend Lynsey, thanks so much Lynsey!
This award's rules are:- You have to give it to 5 others and link to those people as well as who gave it to you, Those 5 shall also pass it on to another 5 people, Plus you have to write down 5 things you are addicted too!
Well 5 things I am addicted to:
1. Conor and Ellie My beautiful Kids
2. Derek my fab hubby
3. Cardmaking
4. Buying Craft Products
5. Diet Irn Bru
The 5 people i am passing this on to are:



Congratulations on your award Lesley, you deserve it. Thank you for passing it on to me, i am chuffed to think you thought of me. I love the cards you have made down below, they are gorgeous hun. Hope you are on top of all the christmas preparations. Keep in touch hun, hugs Linda x

joey said...

Hi Hunny, thankyou so much for thinking of me for this award.xxx

Jo said...

Big congratulations to you on your award and thank you so much for thinking of me. Happy Christmas!