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Monday, 1 December 2008

Awards thanx u must have known i needed a little cheering up!!!!

Well I would like 2 say a massive thanx to Joey http://joeysworldofstuff.blogspot.com/ Sue http://scoopysstuff.blogspot.com/ and Lynsey http://lynseys-place.blogspot.com/ for giving me the following awards, it really means a lot 2 me that u all thought of me.....and ur blogs are superb!!!!! Now I am meant 2 pass these awards onto 10 blogs that i love....but i love everyones blog out there as they fill me with so much inspiration....so I am passing this on to all of u.....
Thanx so much girlies....u really are FAB friends....and u all must have known that i needed a little cheering up....My hubbys not been well again...and i just seem a little lost....ive not really seen any friends well apart from my bestest mate Kaz who has really been fab...listening to my moaning.....hehehe....and my friend Laura...but apart from that not really seen anyone....and I am starting 2 feel a little of an outsider in a circle of friends...which might not be the case, but its how i feel.....and when u get that feeling it takes a lot 2 shift it....i know that life moves on...and i just feel a little stuck....lol.....sorry for rambling on....i just needed 2 have a little moan....anyway take care girlies and i will post again soon!!!! but with cards and no moaning I promise....hehehe....luv n hugs Lesley xxxx



Hi hunny well done on the fab awards, so well deserved too hun. I am sorry you were feeling a little low. I so know what you mean regarding the friends. I get exactly the same, its because you have no confidence in yourself hun, believe me you are lovely and im sure your friends miss you!! its bound to be just your take on the situation, you will soon feel back to being part of the group again how can they not love you? your great. Enjoy your day and hope to see some more fab creations soon. Big hug Linda x

Sue said...

Hi Lesley
aww big hugs, glad award cheered you up a bit, hope your hubbie is soon feeling better. It's hard when you feel low like to get yourself back up sometimes, sure it just the way your feeling and your not an outsider. Hope your feeling brighter soon hun, luv sue.xx

joey said...

Hi Lesley hun, sorry to read you are feeling down hunny, i know how you feel with feeling like an outsider, sometimes when we are down all the things we think about suddenly become intensified, I am sure you friends are wanting to help lift your mood if they can. i do hope your hubby is ok. and always remember hun there is someone here to listen. huge huggies, chin up and a huge smile!. love joey.xxx

joey said...

so sorry hunny can i have your addy again plz, dozy brain left it on a bit of paper can i find it?! NO! thought i had written it in me book, which i found last night,but no! lol.x

Lynsey said...

Hi Lesley
Sorry to hear you have been feeling a bit down. I hope you get things sorted with your friends soon, I'm sure you will or they will be missing out! You are certainly a great blogging friend.
Big hugs Lynsey:)