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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!! I hope that u are all having a fantastic Christmas...i have been up and showered since 530am...the kids have opened all their presents and i have 2 extremely happy Children...i love watching there faces when they open there presents...totally magical...anyway the table is set, the dinner is all prepared so we are just waiting on a telephone call from the in-laws 2 say they are up so we can go and visit them...then its back home for the wine to be opened and my family comes over....yay...love having Christmas at mine....The in-laws go to dereks sisters (just in case u thought i was being a meanie and not inviting them..lol)...anyway i hope that u all have a magical Christmas...and that u all drink and eat way to much ;o) sending u all bunches of Christmas love and huge winter warmer cuddles..luv Lesley xxxxx


Debs said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family Lesley. Have a lovely day. I've been up since 6.30, kids (18 and 21) still in bed. Might have to go and start banging around upstairs soon, can't open pressies til they get up lol. Oh I've just heard bathroom door open so one of them's up. Take Care Debs xx

annies place said...

Happy Christmas to yo Lesley.
We've not opened anything yet, always have breakfast first, my son's just gone in the shower.he's 35 but gets just as excited.
Have a lovely day & pleased the kids are delighted with what santa brought.
Ann x