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Friday, 5 June 2009

Just a little catch up

Good Afternoon....I hope that u are still all enjoying this fab weather...I have been 2 busy sitting in the garden rather than making cards...but i am having withdrawl symptoms now...so i will be getting my creative head on over the next day or 2....hehehe...... i have 2 let u know about what i done last night!!!

Last night i went to see a spiritual medium (this was the first time i have ever been 2 anything like this, but i will definately go back in a couple of years).......and wow...is all i can say......my dad (my real hero) died really suddenly on 25th April 2007 and being a real daddies girl i was really affected ( I still am...but i have learned to deal with it a bit better).....and last night he came through 2 me....I know that there are a lot of sceptics out there but the medium told me things that only me and Derek (my hubby) knew.....i am still totally amazed and still sob thinking about what she said 2 me.....My dad was the world 2 me and i am so pleased 2 know that he really is watching over me and my gorgeous family.....it has taken me 2 years 2 pluck up the courage to go, but i am so glad that i waited that extra bit longer.....So thanx Dad...i love you sooooo much and miss u even more.....xxxxx

Anyway as i am typing through my tears...i better go and get a tissue before i electricute myself...hehehe.....luv n hugs Lesley xxx

P.S I will be back with some cards hopefully later....xxx


mrs giraffe said...

awwww hunnie hugest hugs for you, i've been to see a medium and totally believe in them. my stillborn baby came through as did my ectopic and my gran was holding her. it was in a way a big shock to hear these things as kinda wasn't sure what to believe but once sunk in, it is a total comfort to know there body has gone but not there spirit. you know where i am hunnie if you wanna chat ok xx

Pascale said...

OOh I like the idea of spending time on a sun lounger in the garden. I have a little something on my blog for you. Hugs Pascale

TeresaW said...

You believe in it girl! I know that there are a lot of sceptics out there, but there are just as many people (including me) who have had proof beyond a doubt, and if it gives you comfort and helps you to move on, then what harm can it do? There are a lot of mediums out there too. Some good and some bad, and if it was your first time and the medium gave you unshakeable proof you are very lucky. Don't believe everything you hear, but when it fits without a doubt you will know instinctively that it is true. Good luck if you go again.

Lyndsey Marie said...

Hi Lesley, wow what an experience for you, I totally believe in all those kind of things. I had my palm read once and she told me things that she could have never have known about myself and my family. Also a lot of the the things she said would happen did and not through me making them happen either.
Lyndsey xx